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Stop losing patients to online aligner companies 

Mar 29, 2023

The leading direct to consumer (DTC) aligner brand has completed over 1.5 million cases, this is work that could have safely been done through a general dental practice like yours. 

In March a group of us from the lab attended IDS Cologne, the dental industry’s leading trade fair. At IDS we saw that dentists around the world had struck back at DTC companies by staking aligner treatment as their own professional territory, giving patients easy access to aligners within the safety of the dental practice. 

Patients who ask about aligners have already sold themselves on the treatment and have a general idea of fees involved and the availability of finance. If their regular dentist does not offer aligners, they will seek them online via DTC sites as they do with dubious whitening gels. As far as the patient is concerned it just means they’re paying a bit less on the finance and losing the in-person advice of their dentist. 

Start offering your patients aligners & Stop losing out to DTC companies 

Truvinci Features 

  • All case planning done by orthodontists 
  • Treatment planning included and turned around within 48 hours 
  • All-inclusive fees for Small, Medium or Extended treatment types 
  • No fees to pay until your patient accepts the treatment plan 
  • Available via Digital or Analogue* workflow 

Don’t lose care of another patient to DTC websites. Start offering Truvinci Aligners today with CosTech. You can get in touch with our team by calling 01474 320 076 between 9am and 12noon or email:
General & Technical: [email protected]

* Optional fit-testing included for Analogue cases 

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