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How We Keep Lab Remake Rates So Low

Nov 15, 2023

As a DAMAS registered laboratory, we keep extensive records of all remake cases and make them available to external auditors annually to check for compliance. Here are our most recent audited remake rates: 

Remake figures are combined with your case ratings and feedback from CosTech Portal to provide an overall picture of client satisfaction and allow us to grade our technical performance. We use this information to direct resources and provide training where necessary to our team. 

Remake reasons vary and are not always under direct clinic or lab control. They could be caused by a misread prescription in the lab, an impression-taking error in the clinic or something as simple as the patient changing their mind. As such it’s unrealistic to expect a 0% rating over a year, but we can take steps to reduce avoidable remakes. 

CosTech’s low remake rate is a collaborative achievement with its clients. 

Our internal case monitoring and switch to a digital workflow helps keep lab errors to a minimum. We also have a rigorous impression/model check procedure where we raise queries on any cases we believe may have compromised results. Cases which have had a query raised are typically returned with a Case Feedback card as a reminder.  

While we’re naturally focused on your current caseload, we’re also looking ahead to your cases 5, 10 or even 20 years from now. By tackling remake causes in both the lab and clinic, we’re cutting them out in the short term and reducing the likelihood of their occurring in future. 

This collaborative approach to remakes ensures a better patient experience and lower costs for both clinic and lab. It works because we prioritise effective communication between dentists and technicians and has paid off with a loyal client base now covering multiple generations with children of our early clients joining the profession and trusting us with their lab work in turn. 

Existing clients can help us in this mission by rating their complete cases on CosTech Portal and filling in the feedback box where possible. In general, we don’t respond directly to these feedback comments unless there’s a specific issue to address but we take account of every review and they form part of the technical file for DAMAS inspections and our Director meetings, shaping the future of our laboratory service. 

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