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How to fit & adjust flexi dentures 

Jul 20, 2023
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Whether your patient is being fitted for their first denture or upgrading from an old acrylic one, the first insertion of a new flexi denture is hugely important in achieving the perfect fit. 

First insertion of a flexible denture 

When fitting ComFlexin dentures we suggest our clients allow a few extra minutes in the fitting stage as it can make all the difference in terms of the patient’s overall comfort. Here’s our recommended first insertion process for best results: 

  1. When you receive the finished ComFlexin denture, check on the model for the path of insertion and locate the clasps. 
  1. Submerge the denture in hot (not boiling!) water for 3-4 minutes to increase its flexibility. 
  1. Leave the denture to cool slightly just until it’s a bearable temperature for your patient’s mouth. 
  1. Following the path of insertion, place the denture into the patient’s mouth and ease it into the fitting position. 
  1. Ask the patient to feel for any sore/tight points around the denture, paying special attention to areas surrounding the clasps. 
  1. If a clasp is too loose or tight, remove the denture and immerse again in hot (not boiling!) water for 30 seconds before bending the clasp in or out as appropriate while holding it under cold running water to set it into place. 

How to adjust flexible dentures 

In some cases, your ComFlexin denture may require slight easing to ensure patient comfort. As flexible dentures are made from nylon-based material it’s important to note that they cannot be adjusted and treated in the same manner as traditional acrylic dentures. Instead, we strongly advise that a dedicated ComFlexin Adjustment Kit is used to make any needed adjustments. 

The technicians at CosTech have put together a ComFlexin Adjustment Kit for dentists to use in practice, available through CosTech Shop. When using the denture adjustment kit, please follow these guidelines for best results: 

  • Use a slow hand piece with a maximum speed of 10,000rpm. 
  • Use the Dark Grey stone to make larger adjustments. 
  • The Brown rubber is used for finishing. 
  • Finally the Light Grey rubber is there for polishing. Please note, after adjustment in the surgery you may not be able to attain as high a lustre as can be achieved in the laboratory.  
  • Always make adjustments using a sweeping motion over the area to be adjusted with medium-light pressure. Remember, it’s better to make multiple passes as this reduces the risk of overheating and possibly melting the material. 
  • If you experience any ‘flaring’ of the nylon, remove it with a scalpel before buffing with the Light Grey rubber. 

At CosTech dental lab we’ve been providing ComFlexin dentures for nearly 20 years, offering patients discreet dentures that are Comfortable, Flexible & Inherently Beautiful.

For more information on ComFlexin & the rest of our services you can email us on [email protected] or give us a call. Our admin team can be reached from 9am-12noon Monday to Friday on 01474 320 076. 

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