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Helping your patients sleep with an anti-snoring appliance

Jul 10, 2023

Patient awareness of anti-snoring solutions is on the rise and demand for effective appliances is increasing as a result. Help your patients (and their partners!) get a better night’s sleep by offering them an anti-snoring appliance from CosTech. 

How our anti-snoring appliance works 

At CosTech our anti-snoring appliances use the Silensor-sl system (pictured). Silensor devices consist of durable upper & lower retainers custom formed to your patient’s teeth for a comfortable fit. The retainers are fitted with tiny buttons and connective straps to position the wearer’s jaw slightly forward. This keeps the airway open during sleep and prevents snoring. 

Impression requirements & pricing 

To manufacture the appliance we require upper and lower silicon impressions along with the patient’s bite. Turnaround time is 2 weeks. This way we’re able to supply a cost-effective solution to patients in a good timeframe with minimal fuss. 

Wearing an anti-snoring appliance 

Before wearing, the patient should ensure their mouth has been cleaned and then rinsed with cool water (removing all traces of mouthwash if used). They simply press the retainers into place on their teeth before going to sleep and on waking in the morning they lift them back off. When patients are getting used to the device, they may experience some slightly discomfort for the first few minutes of each wear but this will fade in time. 

Cleaning & storage 

Anti-snoring appliances are incredibly easy to maintain. After removal the device just needs to be washed with cool (not hot) water. The owner can use a soft-bristled brush if needed or other appropriate dental cleaner before wiping dry and leaving in the provided storage case. For best results, we suggest using a dedicated cleaner such as the HyGenie

The patient experience 

Over 40% of the population snores at night, this can have a severe impact on the health and happiness of their partners and families. Prescribing an anti-snoring appliance is an easy remedy to this problem and can have an outsize positive beyond the wearer themselves. 

Start offering anti-snoring appliances to your patients today with CosTech. For more information on our service get in touch with our team on 01474 320 076 between 9am and 12noon or email us on [email protected]

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