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5 Reasons to Offer Your Patients Clear Aligners

Sep 5, 2023
dentist fittinig clear aligners

The steady increase in clear aligner demand is showing zero signs of slowing down, if you’re one of the dentists not yet offering them to your patients, we’ve put together our top 5 reasons (and a training course!) to get you involved. 

Since launching in the late 90’s, aligner treatments have grown to be easily the most in demand cosmetic treatment, lining many a dentist’s pockets while putting smiles on their patient faces. In fact, last year’s estimates put the number of new UK clear aligner treatments at nearly 2,500 a month with market leaders Straumann pegging their market value as double that of premium implants. 

1. Offering clear aligners is the responsible thing to do 

This is the most important reason, every dentist who turns aligner patients away is pushing them towards online direct to consumer (DTC) retailers instead. These websites are unlikely to have the patients full history and without a full in-person check-up, they will not be able to provide the same level of care to the patient. In fact, if the online treatment goes wrong, the patient will probably come to you for the remedial work anyway. 

Patients enquiring about aligners have already sold themselves on the treatment, they have a rough idea of costs and are doing the right thing by coming to their dentist for help rather than risking their health with a dodgy website. Don’t let them down, give them the assistance they need in a safe environment. 

2. Aligner patients are happy to see the dentist 

Imagine a world where patients are pleased, maybe even excited, to see their dentist. That’s what it’s like to offer clear aligners. Instead of patients coming in pain and expressing fear or worry, they’ll be coming to you in anticipation of the new smile you’ll be creating. 

The positive energy you get from giving happy patients what they want will quickly rub off on you and your practice team. Even better, you can expect to get plenty of referrals from the patient’s friends and family who’ve seen your work and want treatments themselves. 

3. Aligners are a high-margin earner for dental practices 

The last few years have been rough for the dental industry with rapidly increasing costs across the board. Thankfully the planning and production costs for clear aligners have remained relatively stable making them even more of a high-earner for dental practitioners. 

The typical clear aligner fee to the patient is currently £2000 – £3000, this can increase with larger movements or where supporting treatments are needed. While there are cheaper aligner providers online, many patients would rather have the safety of seeing a registered dentist. 

4. In the future clear aligners will be a staple dental treatment 

At the moment there are still a notable number of practices who aren’t offering aligner treatment but this won’t last for long. Aligner popularity has exploded with absolutely no signs of slowing down and in the coming years we can comfortable expect this treatment to become a staple in every dental practice in the country. 

Dentists who currently offer the treatment are spoilt for choice in terms of patients and reaping the rewards accordingly. If you’re one of those that are still holding out, we suggest you start sooner rather than later as there’s every chance you’ll need to be doing it in future anyway. 

5. Aligners can fix malocclusion, preventing further damage in future 

Seeing aligners purely as a cosmetic treatment is selling them short. Aligners can be effectively used to treat malocclusion, enhancing the patient’s smile but also offering protection against gum disease, decay or tooth loss. 

Ready to offer your patients clear aligners? 

At CosTech we offer no-obligation treatment plans with Truvinci Aligners. We offer all-inclusive pricing with all case-planning done by registered orthodontists who are available to consult with on complex cases or assist in troubleshooting. 

To send a case just in a Truvinci Aligner Docket and send it in with your impressions (digital and analogue both accepted). We’ll have a treatment plan back to you within 48 hours and the full case will be with you 2 weeks after confirmation to proceed. 

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