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CosTech Celebrates its 40th Birthday

Sep 25, 2017

CosTech Dental Laboratory is this year celebrating its 40th anniversary. We take a look back at its solid, humble beginnings and what it is that has driven the company’s success.

CosTech was founded in 1977 by Mohan Photay, servicing a close circle of family and friends. As word spread of the quality products provided and other practices requested the lab’s services, the business began to grow steadily. In 1984, CosTech moved from Belvedere to larger premises in Gravesend in order to meet this rise in demand.

Over the years, the team’s increasing experience in the profession meant they could gauge and predict industry trends and cycles. For example, in the late 1990s when ‘no frills’ dentistry was popular, CosTech adapted by establishing a sister lab called Nash. During the recession a few years later, the business maintained its strong position in the profession by searching for new opportunities that were, at the time, disguised as seemingly impossible situations. Keeping things in the family, Mohan’s son, Neil Photay and David Hands took over the day-to-day running of the business in 2005.

Throughout the last four decades, CosTech has not only endured the fast-paced evolution of the dental profession, but has truly thrived. Its ethos of treating all clients as they would family and friends has remained the team’s priority, ensuring each and every patient is more than satisfied with the restorations or appliances provided.

Within the lab itself, fairness and respect are actively promoted in order to create the best possible working environment. CosTech knows that dental technicians are artists and these conditions help to provide the freedom they need to excel. It’s important to the directors that the whole team feels valued and engaged in the business too – the team is therefore given final say on any new recruits coming in. They are also encouraged to share their thoughts and suggestions on the business and / or products – the management structure ensures all ideas from the lab floor are heard and feedback is reacted to quickly. All this helps to build a highly skilled and happy team of technicians that can meet the needs of every dentist and patient. Being patient-focused, there are dedicated professionals for NHS and private services, as well as for crown and bridge, prosthetics, implants and the in-house milling centre. Plus, the large team means there is never any disruption in service or quality of products delivered in the event of staff sickness or holidays, and CosTech can manage even the busiest times of year with ease.

The lab has always had an open door to other dental technicians and laboratories. The team has been and still is more than happy to help others when they can, whether that involves product information or recommendations, training opportunities or assistance for new businesses. For example, have been instrumental in helping colleagues set up their own labs or new departments, having also helped fund new lab benches for businesses that couldn’t afford all the costs at the time. CosTech has also worked with a variety of other businesses and individuals to provide training, advice and support. The family-orientated company understands that no one can know everything and only through the sharing of knowledge and experience can we work together to drive standards in the profession and ultimately ensure every patient receives the care they need.

Looking to the future, the company will continue to create an environment whereby technicians can develop their skills and remain at the cutting-edge of dentistry. CosTech is also keen to invest in the next generation of professionals, working with apprentices to help them acquire the knowledge and practical experience they need to build the foundations for a long and prosperous career in dental technology. The lab has been heavily involved in the development of the new Dental Laboratory Apprenticeship Course as part of the government’s Trailblazers scheme.

It’s easy to see why CosTech has done so well over the last 40 years and it shows no signs of slowing down now. Here’s to the next 40 years!

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