Crown & Bridge
  • BruxZir®
  • e.max®
  • Composite
  • PFM
  • Full Metal
  • ZirconArch®
  • Elite Veneers
  • Thineers®
  • BruxZir® Solid Zirconia Ideal for Anterior & Posterior Crowns and Bridges BruxZir® is the world's number one brand in solid zirconia restorations. Made from virtually unbreakable, biocompatible medical-grade zirconia - the same element used to make bulletproof military armour. Because BruxZir® has no porcelain overlay, it is more resistant to chipping, cracking or breaking in the mouth. BruxZir® Solid Zirconia is indicated for crowns and bridges. It is an authentic alternative to PFM metal occlusal/lingual for full-cast restoration and ideal for restorations requiring extra durability. BruxZir® milling blanks are created through a unique patent-pending process, which gives BruxZir® improved light transmission, providing a more natural shade value. If you're looking for an all-ceramic restoration that is minimally invasive, cost effective against gold, works with any preparation and is ultimately strong then BruxZir® is the recommended choice.
    • Virtually unbreakable
    • Ideal for bruxers and grinders
    • More resistant to chipping, cracking or breaking in the mouth
    • More aesthetic than metal and full cast gold crowns
    • Zirconia has proven biocompatibility, having been used in medical implants
    • Compatible with any preparation
    • Clinically tested since 2009
    Download full clinical and scientific documentation >>>
  • IPS e.max® Press Ideal for Anterior & Posterior Crowns and Bridges IPS e.max® Press is an innovative lithium disilicate glass-ceramic (LS2) ingot for the press technology. The innovative IPS e.max® Press lithium disilicate glass-ceramic (LS2) provides accuracy of fit, function and aesthetics while simultaneously featuring a strength of 400 MPa. The ingots are available in four levels of translucency, two sizes and now also as Impulse ingots. The result is a lifelike aesthetic appearance irrespective of the shade of the preparation.
    • Advantages of e.max®
    • Lifelike Aesthetics
    • High Strength (40MPa)
    • Can Be Minimally Invasive
    • 4 Levels Of Translucency
    • Adhesive, Self-Adhesive Or Conventional Cementation
    Download e.max® Preparation Guide >>>
  • Composite Crowns Ideal for Inlays, Onlays and Crowns CosTech Elite are proud to offer high quality composite dental restorations. Our composite crowns are popular and are the most affordable restorations for your patient. We use only the highest quality material to produce composite restorations. A light cure resin based material makes fantastic marginal fits and are recommended for inlays, onlays and crowns.
  • PFM (Porcelain Fused to Metal) Ideal for Crowns and Bridges These are the staples of dental restorations and are great for good aesthetics and strength. Our PFM restorations also known as porcelain bonded restorations are the preferred choice by dentists for their NHS patients. However, as the metal substructure does not allow any light transference, the full aesthetics are marred. Our PFM restorations produced by our highly skilled technicians are nickel-free. If your patient has an allergy to nickel then you can rest assured all PFM's you order from CosTech Elite Dental Laboratory will be safe for nickel allergy sufferers.
  • Full Metal Crowns Ideal for Posterior Crowns and Bridges Our full metal crowns are nickel-free making them suitable for all patients particularly nickel allergy sufferers. Our full metal restorations are available in various precious and non precious alloys. These are our strongest restorations and are usually suited to out of sight posterior crowns and bridges. Available Alloys White non-precious (CoCr)40% Gold Yellow (40% Au) White semi-precious (Ag-Pd)60% Gold Yellow (60% Au)
  • ZirconArch® - Zirconia with Porcelain Overlay Ideal for Crowns, Bridges and Full Arches ZirconArch® is aesthetics and strength coexisting in harmony without metal that can mar the beauty of a crown or a bridge. ZirconArch® uses the strength of Zirconium to make the strongest most beautiful large span bridge available. Being all ceramic (all glass), the shades ZirconArch® produces are far superior to that of standard porcelain fused to metal restorations. The zirconium substructure is sintered with glass that is shade matched to the tooth's desired shade. This gives true depth to the restorations and an innate vital appearance. ZirconArch® can be used in conjunction with implant all glass abutments for crowns, bridges and full arch bridges. All ceramic Maryland bridges are now possible for the first time. Using the ZirconArch® strength for the wings, you can now offer all ceramic Maryland Bridges to your patients. Advantages of ZirconArch®
    • Virtually unbreakable
    • Ideal for bruxers and grinders
    • More resistant to chipping, cracking or breaking in the mouth
    • More aesthetic than metal and full cast gold crowns
    • Zirconia has proven biocompatibility, having been used in medical implants
    • Compatible with any preparation
    • Clinically tested since 2009
  • Elite Veneers Ideal for Anterior Restorations For The Beauty of Aesthetics Elite veneers are the result of years of technical experience and techniques combined with the latest porcelains, to create porcelain veneers with unmatched aesthetics. Using micro fine porcelain with the purest synthetic quartz glass, it creates unique aesthetics of opalescence and fluorescence from within. With internal stabilisation of the quartz compared to other porcelains, micro fracturing and chipping is reduced dramatically, giving better marginal fits and more resistance to stress. Great porcelain is only half of the story. In the hands of a skilled technician, magic can be created. With enhanced techniques developed by CosTech's own technicians, with traditional aesthetic concepts we have created Elite Veneers. Elite Veneers are only available from CosTech and come with a complete satisfaction guarantee. For anterior smile design cases, we recommend a diagnostic wax up to agree the smile the patient desires. And if the patient cannot visit the lab for a shade match with our Elite technicians, photos will suffice.
  • Thineers® Ultra-Thin Porcelain Veneers for Hollywood Smiles Thineers® are the latest innovation in ultra thin porcelain veneers and they are perfectly suited for a Hollywood smile. Thineers® differ from traditional veneers because they can be as thin as 0.3mm or as thick as required. In many cases, this means they can be fitted directly on to existing tooth structure without any preparation, injections, drilling or removing healthy tooth, thereby greatly reducing chair time and discomfort to your patient. Case selection is critical before prescribing Thineers® and our technicians are on hand to help. With the use of study models and diagnostic wax ups, your patients can have a visual representation of their final restoration before committing to the procedure.
  • Comflexin® Dentures
  • Acrylic Dentures
  • Chrome Dentures
  • Comflexin® Comfortable, Flexible, Beautiful Partial Dentures What Makes ComFlexin Unique & Comfortable? In a word, flexibility. This flexibility allows the partial denture to go places a standard acrylic denture cannot. It uses these 'spaces' to 'softly grip' and secure itself to prevent movement during eating. The nylon based material will bend and flex with the contours of the teeth and eating motions making the ComFlexin denture the most comfortable denture available.
    • Comfortable Snug Fit
    • 50% Lighter & Thinner Than Average Acrylic Dentures
    • Translucent Material Blends With Your Gums
    • Monomer Free (Ideal For Monomer Allergy Sufferers)
    • Virtually Unbreakable Nylon Material (5 Year Guarantee)
  • Acrylic Dentures Superior Quality NHS & Private Dentures Our Technicians Make All Dentures Look Natural! The secret is «they don't make dentures look like dentures». Nature has examples everywhere of what is natural. Nature taught us that nothing in nature is perfectly straight, in fact straight is perfectly unnatural. It is the slight twist, skew or rotation that makes anything look natural. Nature has taught us the importance of golden proportions in the designing of our dentures. The human eye sees the difference between something that is beautiful and something that is strange. It is the golden proportion in a person's face, the wings of a butterfly or even an architectural building that makes us love them. With the combination of these elements and superior materials, CosTech Elite technicians can create the most natural looking denture for your patients.
  • Chrome Dentures Metal Partial Dentures - Nickel-Free Chrome dentures are made with a metal base-plate or framework using cobalt chrome (CoCr, Nickel-free) material, making them ideal for all patients, particularly those with Nickel allergies. These are great for stability and strength allowing the patient to feel more confident with wearing their dentures. Chrome dentures are generally more hygienic than acrylic dentures, reducing deterioration through food accumulation and plaque build-up. We can produce metal partial dentures with Vitallium material, known to be stronger and more durable than cobalt chrome. It is also slightly lighter and thinner than the standard chrome dentures. Chrome dentures are less aesthetic compared to acrylic or flexible dentures. The metal claps are usually visible which can be unsightly.
  • Orthodontic Devices
  • Orthodontic Repairs
  • Laminates
  • Orthodontic Devices Removable, Functional & Fixed Devices We are proud to launch the dedicated Orthodontics department, turning CosTech Elite into one of the few 'Super- Laboratories' in the UK. Our highly trained orthodontics technicians create devices to fit your patient with precision and maximum comfort. Because our dedicated orthodontics department only focuses on orthodontics, you can be confident in being supplied with superior quality and comfortable devices for your patients. Our technicians are on hand to help with case planning from start to finish and can help with any technical queries over the telephone. With years of experience behind us, we have built our new orthodontics department with the same standard of quality control and customer care dentists have experienced from our other departments. We offer a range of functional, fixed and removable devices. To produce superior quality orthodontic devices we only use the best available materials and components. Here are some of our popular orthodontic devices: Removable
    • Essix Retainer
    • Hawley Retainer
    • Y-Plate
    • Expansion & Alignment Appliances (ELSAA)
    • Upper & Lower Removable Appliances
    • Medium Opening Activator
    • Twin Block
    • Bonded Retainer
    • Fixed Rapid Maxillary Expander
    • Quad, Bi, Tri Helix
    • Lower Lingaul Arch
    • Nance Arch
    • Trans Palatal Arch
  • Orthodontic Repairs Repairs & Replacement Components Due to excessive wear or the fact that the patient hasn't worn the device and no longer fits, repairing or component replacement may be required. In some cases the device can be adjusted, but in other cases it may need a full remake. In the case of a remake we will call you before proceeding. If replacement components are needed as part of the repair, these will be ordered on your behalf and charged to your account. Simply send the device into our laboratory with repair notes. A full orthodontics price list is available upon request.
  • Laminates Vacuum Formed & Acrylic Devices Bleaching Trays - Using Saber Tooth White Technology Custom made bleaching trays are moulded to hug the contours of your teeth accurately. They are extremely thin and are virtually unnoticeable allowing freedom to continue with daily activities. We now use Saber Tooth White Technology which ensures a precise fit. The bleaching gel is exposed directly to the teeth avoiding leakage onto gums, thus reducing irritation. When the whitening gel is applied over a period of time, the results will be a deeper brilliant white and longer lasting. Mouthguards Ideal for all types of sports to protect your patient from the risk of injury during play. Our mouthguards are custom made with the most comfortable and durable material. Available for light, medium and heavy impact sports. Splints & Nightguards It is estimated that around one third of patients suffer from bruxism or clenching, which can cause serious damage to teeth. Our custom made splints and nightguards are designed to re-align, manipulate growth structure and prevent damage. Nightguards are the most effective and cheapest solution for patients who grind or clench their teeth.
  • Stock Implant Systems
Stock Implant Systems

CosTech® Elite's specialist implant centre provides you with the team and service you have always desired from a dental laboratory. Our Elite team of dedicated implant technicians are on hand to aid with case planning and see your case from start to finish. Our clients enjoy the rapport we develop which leads to successful cases and overjoyed patients.

We keep a clear pricing policy when it comes to implant restorations. We charge a flat rate for any implant unit and this includes a soft tissue model, articulation, minor abutment adjustments and a location jig if required. Should any other costs be incurred, we would call you before starting the case.

Custom Implant System

Here's what comes with the Custom Implant System:
  • Custom Made CAD-CAM Zirconia Hybrid Abutment
  • Choose Any Laboratory Crown:
    PFM, e.max® Press, ZirconArch®, BruxZir® (Solid Zirconia)
  • Laboratory Analogue
  • Fitting Screw
  • Soft Tissue Model
  • Location Jig (If Required)