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TruVinci Aligners FAQ

May 26, 2022
truvinic aligners

Following the launch of TruVinci Aligners at the recent Dentistry Show, we’ve collated the most common questions asked and our responses in one handy post.

As expected (and hoped!) the TruVinci system’s focus on longevity paired with the full support of a team of orthodontists has generated a fantastic buzz both with dentists new to aligners and those who are looking for an alternative to their current system.

Here were your most asked questions from the show:

How much do TruVinci Aligners cost?

TruVinci offers an all-inclusive pricing system which varies on the number of aligners needed. Treatment plans start at £599 for 20 aligners and are capped at £1299 for up to 80 aligners.

These prices include all fees for design, planning and fabrication of aligners and required attachment templates as well as 3D printed before/after models, any needed refinements, and the actual aligners themselves.

How long does it take to plan and deliver a TruVinci Aligner case?

Our team provides a full treatment plan within 48 hours* of receiving impressions. Once the plan is accepted the finished aligners are provided within 2 weeks.

We believe turnaround speed is incredibly important to ensure patient conversion and satisfaction so all finished cases are sent by next day guaranteed courier.

Does the TruVinci system support aligner anchors?

Yes, TruVinci treatment plans occasionally make use of anchors (also known as engagers or attachments) to provide targeted assistance to the alignment process. If your patient’s treatment plan includes anchors you will be supplied with trays for their application using light-cure cement.

Can I discuss TruVinci treatment plans with an orthodontist?

Yes, all treatment plans can be discussed with the designers at the Illusion orthodontist team. The Illusion orthodontists have worked with more than 3,700 dentists on over 50,000 treatments and counting. If you would like to discuss your case with them, we’ll arrange a call back at a time to suit you within 48 hours* of your request.

Do I need to complete the TruVinci Aligner course before sending cases?

If you’ve already completed aligner training with another provider, you will not need to take a further course as the principles remain the same. If you’ve yet to take a course, there are many available now or you can sign up to be notified about the upcoming TruVinci training course here:

Sign up to hear about the TruVinci Aligner training course

When can I send my first case?

We’re accepting TruVinci Aligner cases right now. TruVinci prescription forms are on the way but in the meantime, you can use any of our standard dockets and clearly note that it’s an aligner case when sending impressions.

Upon receiving your impressions we’ll have a treatment plan back to you within 48 hours*. Once we receive confirmation to go ahead the full case will be prepared and sent to you in a patient presentation pack after two weeks.

If you have any further questions about aligner treatment or another service we offer, please email us on [email protected] or call on 01474 320 076. Our phone lines are open from 9am to 12noon Monday to Friday.

* Please note that this 48-hour period refers to two working days. Accordingly, please allow extra time for weekends and bank holidays.

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