Acrylic Dentures

Ideal for full upper and lower arches

It is the slight twist, skew or rotation that makes anything look natural. The importance of golden proportions in design is taken seriously by our skilled technicians. With the combination of superior materials and expert knowledge of our technicians we create the most natural looking dentures for your patients.


Chrome Dentures

For extra strength and stability

Chrome dentures are made with a metal base-plate or framework using cobalt chrome (CoCr, Nickel-free) material, making them ideal for all patients, particularly those with Nickel allergies. These are great for stability and strength allowing the patient to feel more confident with wearing their dentures. Chrome dentures are generally more hygienic than acrylic dentures, reducing deterioration through food accumulation and plaque build-up.


ComFlexin Dentures

Translucent & flexible for extra comfort

What Makes ComFlexin Unique & Comfortable?

In a word, flexibility. This flexibility allows the partial denture to go places a standard acrylic denture cannot. It uses these 'spaces' to 'softly grip' and secure itself to prevent movement during eating. The nylon based material will bend and flex with the contours of the teeth and eating motions making the ComFlexin denture the most comfortable denture available.

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Supporting Material

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  • Demonstration Models
  • Crown & Bridge Adjustment Burs
  • Denture Adjustment Burs
  • BruxZir (Zirconia) Official Burs
  • Shade Guides & Stump Guides
  • Premium Whitening Kits & Refills
  • Free Branding on 10+ Whitening Kits
  • Marketing Material On Selected Products
  • Free Impression Trays On Request

Demonstration Models & Adjustment Burs

  • Available at very competitive prices
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Premium Whitening Kits & Bleaching Trays

  • Saber Tooth White home whitening kits, refill syringes and bleaching trays.
  • Free marketing material available
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