Evolution of the Super-Laboratory

What to expect from a Complete Service Dental Laboratory

When was the last time you went to the butcher, baker and grocer for your weekly shop? For many of us we want the convenience of getting it all from one place, knowing that the same quality applies to every aisle you visit. With purchasing power, products can be bought in bulk and savings passed on to the consumer and everyone likes to save a little money!

CosTech Elite now enters the realm of becoming a super lab for 2014 with the introduction of our dedicated Orthodontic department. So what should you expect from a super-lab?

Complete Service 

CosTech now offers dedicated teams for crown and bridge, prosthetics, orthodontics, implants and its own in-house milling centre. While many laboratories may have the ability to do all aspects of dental technology, CosTech Elite has dedicated teams and environments tailored to the achievement of excellence in each field. We service dentists all over the UK and worldwide for both NHS and private work.

Quality Compliance

It is not only quality that is essential when making custom-made medical devices, it is also consistency! To monitor and continually improve quality we are DAMAS compliant. Every year we are audited to ensure that quality control measures are in place to monitor everything from materials used, remakes and suppliers to technician training records and cleanliness. Since adopting this system customers have seen the quality and consistency improve.

A Lab You Can Talk To

Each dedicated department has its technicians available at the end of the phone to help with anything in their specialized field. Communication between surgeons and technicians is essential for successful cases and relationships. We are here to help with case planning, troubleshooting and even as a knowledge base. Every person you will speak to has Passion for the trade and will always make every effort for a successful case and happy patient.

One Lab, One Account

When a practice has multiple dentists who may use multiple laboratories, it can become a logistical nightmare keeping track of which work is where. I’m sure you only have to speak with your practice manager to see the problems that can occur with multiple lab bills too! With one lab and a dedicated accounts department, time spent on accounts queries are dramatically reduced.


Working with CosTech Elite you immediately gain the experience of 50+ technicians and team members. If you are not sure who to talk to, you can come directly through to the Elite Managers. David and Neil have the PASSION to provide your smile team and your patient a service to smile for. Innovation, Dedication and Communication is our mantra that keeps us passionate in the work we create and the service we provide.

For more information about our Complete Service, call us on 01474 320076 or visit  CosTech Elite