CosTech Elite® Venue Now Open

Pushing the envelope once again with the effectiveness of their customer relations, CosTech Elite® is now opening its doors to the general public. Patients and dental practitioners alike are invited to experience firsthand the care and precision that goes into each of the products and services that CosTech Elite® has to offer.

The newly-opened CosTech Elite® Venue will be hosting a number of public open evenings, where members of the general public will be able to tour the CosTech Elite® laboratories, meet the technicians, and see the various dental restorative options available to them in greater detail.

The CosTech Elite® Venue will also be hosting a number of free CPD courses for dental technicians and other practitioners, featuring a plethora of guest speakers, and providing a fantastic professional learning environment. Available to pre-book for special occasions, the CosTech Elite® Venue offers outstanding flexibility, and can be used for anything from board meetings to “theatre” style events for up to 20 people.

To learn more on how passion, superior service and attention to detail can help you and your patients to create truly beautiful smiles, book your visit today and see for yourself.

For more information on how Costech Elite® can help you, call 01474 320 076 or email: